Palouse Heritage Eden Gold™ Wheat is an extremely rare heritage variety found over a century ago by USDA plant explorers collecting grains in the Persian Gulf. They were shown a beautiful golden wheat in the bustling bazaar of Basra which was named for one of the sacred rivers that flowed through the Garden of Eden where it had flourished since time immemorial. The variety proved to be a seldom seen hard white wheat. (Virtually all white wheats have soft kernels more suitable for pastry and other specialty flours rather than for bread.) The grain likely resulted from a rare natural cross that took place thousands of years ago between hard red and a soft white strains. This grain was introduced about 1915 to the Pacific Northwest where USDA testing reported its flour to be light colored, high in protein, and superior for breadmaking. 

This grain is currently undergoing increase trial. We expect the flour to be available for sale in the near future.