10:30 AM10:30

Food and Farm Expo


Come out for the Spokane Food &  Farm Expo. Palouse Heritage will be presenting the following: 

Growing Heritage and Landrace Grains

Saturday, 10:30am-11:30am

Dr. Richard Scheuerman, Palouse Heritage; Don Scheuerman, Co-Owner and Farmer at Palouse Colony Farm

Learn about growing Heritage and Landrace grains on a small scale. Palouse Heritage is building a model for the restoration of soil, health, and rural communities.

Full schedule for the Food and Farm Expo is available here

And be sure to register! You can register here.

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6:00 PM18:00

WA State History Museum's "Glasnost and Goodwill" Exhibit Reception

"Glasnost and Goodwill: Citizen Diplomacy in the Northwest and How Ordinary Citizens Thawed the Cold War"  

Richard will be speaking at the exhibit Reception, Washington State Museum, Tacoma; Thursday, October 5 (Time TBD)

Exhibit opens Saturday, October 7

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to Aug 13

Northwest Colonial Festival

  • 939 Finn Hall Road Port Angeles, WA, 98362 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This is an annual colonial festival right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Events include a colonial village and a daily reenactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The festival is held at the George Washington Inn and Washington Lavender Farm (August 10-13, 2017) near Sequim, WA.

Richard from Palouse Heritage will be teaming up with grains scientist Steve Lyon to present on our work involving landrace grains, which includes the wheat variety grown by George Washington himself!

More details about the event are available here.

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to Aug 25

Get Bere with Bere Barley

The landrace grain team that brought you the Purple Egyptian Barley Project brings you another run of ancient landrace grain: Scot's Bere Barley (Bere pronounced "bare").

Scot's Bere Barley sustained 5th century A.D. Roman legionnaires in the British Isles and was later raised by Viking colonists in mainland Scotland and the Orcades. Some 19th century Scottish crofters referred to Bere by its Norse name, Bygg. Archaeologists date its cultivation on the Orcades to the 4th millennia B.C. Bere, from which we derive “barn” and “beer,” has been widely used for scone and flatbread flours and has high levels of fermentable sugars so is also popular for the brewing of ale.

Beer and bread... in their essences the same thing; one being liquid, one being solid. Historically, bakers and brewers often worked closely together... whether simply obtaining ingredients from the same sources or sometimes even sharing a workspace. Agriculture and civilization as we know them owe many thanks to the production of beer and bread.

Every Thursday in August the team will assemble to bring you beer and bread featuring this wonderful grain grown in the Palouse, malted in Spokane Valley. Two limited batches of Bellwether beer made with 100% Bere. Shaun of Culture Breads will once again be providing loaves. Palouse Pint's Joel will be there to share his piece of the equation as being the maltster, and Don of Palouse Heritage will be there to share all about the historic and modern farming of this incredible grain.

All beers will be Celtic or Nordic inspired, honoring its history. Details on each week's beers coming soon!!

As with the Purple Barley, we will have commemorative pint glasses, voting cards, and more. At the end of the project, vote on your favorite and we will release a big batch!

And finally, we will have CRATE. providing dinner service from 5-8pm!!

Don't miss this!!

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to Jul 29

The Grain Gathering

Conference Theme:  Rebuilding Regional Grain Networks, Seed to Table

July 27, 28 and 29, 2017

Richard will be delivering a feature presentation on our landrace grains at this esteemed conference hosted by The Bread Lab at WSU Mt Vernon. 

The annual three day conference brings together professional and home bakers, maltsters, brewers, distillers, millers, farmers, wheat breeders, chefs, food writers, community and food activists, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Attendees choose among 40 workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations that explore a range of topics which may include matching wheat varieties to end products, working with fresh milled flours, milling techniques, brewing and baking with non-commodity barleys, baking in a wood fired oven, starting a whole grain bakery on a budget, growing a regional grain network, the science of bread, poetry and art in our work places, sharing knowledge, the challenges of scale, and paths towards a more just food system.

All levels of baking ability are welcome!

Registration details here

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to Jun 27

Catherine the Great "250-Yrs" Germany-Russia Tour

Join our partners at Journeys Travel and Tours on this tour through parts of Germany and Russia. Our own Dr. Richard Scheuerman will be leading the tour.

This trip honors the 250th anniversary of Catherine the Great's invitation for Germans to settle and farm in Russia's Volga region. These "Germans from Russia" were the ancestors to many original farm settlers of the Palouse Country, and are responsible for bringing and popularizing hard red wheats like Turkey Red for use in American breads.

Info for how to sign up is here.

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to Apr 28

Center for Volga German Studies Annual Conference


Concordia Center for Volga German Studies Annual Conference

Best Western Icicle Inn, Leavenworth, WA

Palouse Heritage's Richard Scheuerman will be delivering the keynote on Thursday evening at this conference.  "Germans from Russia" were the ancestors to many original farm settlers of the Palouse Country, and are responsible for bringing and popularizing hard red wheats like Turkey Red for use in American breads.

Richard's talk will include discussion on colonial era agriculture and the fascinating links between Catherine the Great and George Washington. We guarantee you will find it both fascinating and highly entertaining. You won't want to miss it! 

Please join us and invite others who may be interested. Registration details below.


Full description:

The Council of Northwest Chapters of AHSGR (CNC) and The Center for Volga German Studies (CVGS) are sponsoring a conference in Leavenworth, Washington on April 26 – 28.  The program will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Volga German colonies of Frank, Hussenbach, Kolb, Walter, Kautz, Norka and Yagodnaya Polyana.  They will also honor the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 


When: Wednesday, April 26 – Friday, April 28, 2017

Where: Icicle Village Resort, 505 Highway 2, Leavenworth, WA 98826

What: The program will feature the Bergseite colonies of Frank, Hussenbach, Kautz, Kolb, Norka, Walter, and Yagodnaya Polyana

Registration: $135 per person by March 24; and $165 per person from March 25 – April 21. The fee includes all programs, and banquet dinner on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Online conference registration by credit card is available here:

*Note the early-bird discount for registrations received by March 24th!*

The Icicle Village Resort is offering a special rate of just $109 (plus tax)on a limited number of rooms. Rate includes deluxe hot breakfast.

Please call early to reserve your room, and be sure to quote the block rate “CNC / AHSGR” for the discount: (800) 961-0162

Questions about the event?  Please contact Valerie Miller at (email preferred) or (503) 314-5686.

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to Apr 6

The Purple Egyptian Barley Project

Every Thursday from 3 PM to 9 PM, beginning February 23 through the first week of April

Bellwether Brewing Co., 

2019 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA

Beer and bread. Two staples of history's menu. It is said that agriculture was founded just for the making of these two nutritious vittles. Every corner of the planet had their own ways of doing things, their own flavor profiles. From technique to weather to soil composition, everything that distinguished a given region or artisan from another imparted specific flavor profiles. That is the art and science and terroir. Think of it as "territorial flavors."

Here at Palouse Heritage, we specialize in raising landrace grains (landrace grains being original natural varieties that have been planted and cultivated in such a way that they have naturally and fully adapted to local geography). Enter Purple Egyptian Barley. This is an ancient grain used extensively in the greater Egyptian area thousands of years ago. It was brought to the Inland Northwest and it has since fully adapted to life here, expressing Northwest terroir as a true landrace grain. Palouse Pint, Spokane's only malting facility, has malted a portion of this incredible grain.

As a joint effort between Palouse Heritage, maltster Joel of Palouse Pint, Shaun of Culture Breads, and Tom of Bellwether Brewery, together we bring you Spokane's introduction to this NW landrace Purple Egyptian Barley.

Every Thursday from 3 PM to 9 PM, beginning February 23 through the first week of April, we will bring you a new small batch of a Purple Egyptian variety Bellwether beer and Culture Breads bread. If you come every week there are prizes in store, including a commemorative pint glass and the chance to vote for your favorite beer of the series. The winning beer will be brewed at full capacity and released during Craft Beer Week in May.

Break bread and raise a glass with us each Thursday for the next 7 weeks. Location is Bellwether Brewery at 2019 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA.

Meet the farmer (our own Don Scheuerman), the maltster, the brewer, and the baker. Learn why landrace grains are so important to local economy and how it brings the best terroir to your plate and pint. Hope you can make it. 


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to Jan 7

Cascadia Grains Conference

Fifth Annual Cascadia Grains Conference

South Sound Community College, Olympa, WA

Palouse Heritage will be featured! Specifically, on Friday January 6th, Richard will be leading a hands-on "Historical Tasting" field trip: 

Bite into time and experience dishes of cultural significance to Cascadia natives and early settlers. In this two hour tasting event you will explore the complexities of grains grown in Thurston County and how they evolved within a unique socio-political landscape. Between 1820 – 1910 spelt, red soft wheat, emmer, and barley gave rise to hybridized commodity grains grown to fit the dynamic landscape of the Northwest.

You will sample specific heritage grains in unique dishes paired with historically accurate alcoholic beverages. From Fur-trade to the Pacific Railroad, your delicious journey will be guided by historian Dr. Richard Scheuerman and the South Puget Sound Community College Cateringteam, pairing small dishes using locally sourced ingredients with accompanying regional beer, wine and spirits. Must be 21+ to sign up. Space is very limited. REGISTER!

Registration for the hands-on field trip is at

More information about the Cascadia Grains Conference is available at

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