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Get Bere with Bere Barley

  • Bellwether Brewing Co. Spokane, WA (map)

The landrace grain team that brought you the Purple Egyptian Barley Project brings you another run of ancient landrace grain: Scot's Bere Barley (Bere pronounced "bare").

Scot's Bere Barley sustained 5th century A.D. Roman legionnaires in the British Isles and was later raised by Viking colonists in mainland Scotland and the Orcades. Some 19th century Scottish crofters referred to Bere by its Norse name, Bygg. Archaeologists date its cultivation on the Orcades to the 4th millennia B.C. Bere, from which we derive “barn” and “beer,” has been widely used for scone and flatbread flours and has high levels of fermentable sugars so is also popular for the brewing of ale.

Beer and bread... in their essences the same thing; one being liquid, one being solid. Historically, bakers and brewers often worked closely together... whether simply obtaining ingredients from the same sources or sometimes even sharing a workspace. Agriculture and civilization as we know them owe many thanks to the production of beer and bread.

Every Thursday in August the team will assemble to bring you beer and bread featuring this wonderful grain grown in the Palouse, malted in Spokane Valley. Two limited batches of Bellwether beer made with 100% Bere. Shaun of Culture Breads will once again be providing loaves. Palouse Pint's Joel will be there to share his piece of the equation as being the maltster, and Don of Palouse Heritage will be there to share all about the historic and modern farming of this incredible grain.

All beers will be Celtic or Nordic inspired, honoring its history. Details on each week's beers coming soon!!

As with the Purple Barley, we will have commemorative pint glasses, voting cards, and more. At the end of the project, vote on your favorite and we will release a big batch!

And finally, we will have CRATE. providing dinner service from 5-8pm!!

Don't miss this!!

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