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FARMWALK 2018: Crafting Value-Added Products with Heritage Grains

Palouse Heritage is proudly hosting a FARMWALK tour in partnership with Washington State University. Here are the details:

This FARMWALK is focused on highlighting economic opportunities for value-added products and markets associated with commodity and specialty grain species. This is a dual site collaborative match up between our hosts Don and Richard Scheuerman of Palouse Heritage at their Palouse Colony Farm in Endicott, WA, and Bill Meyers of Joseph's Grainery in Colfax, WA. Both Richard and Bill have unique and innovative strategies for their specialty grains, with an emphasis on marketing to craft and value-added markets. Palouse Heritagehas been reviving wheat varieties traditionally grown in the Inland Pacific Northwest while Joseph's Grainery grows, processes, and markets their products across an integrated farm business model.

Both are also members of our greater Cascadia Grains Conference community, aiming to bring together farmers, bakers, brewers, distillers, brokers, investors, policy-makers and others to strengthen the role of grains in our local food economy. This event will also serve to support an emerging Grain to Glass movement in the Palouse!

Register for the tour here!