Sonoran Gold™ Raw Wheat (Raw Grain Bulk Order - 25 lbs)


Sonoran Gold™ Raw Wheat (Raw Grain Bulk Order - 25 lbs)



25 lbs of Palouse Heritage Sonoran Gold™ Wheat (Conventional Raw Grain)

Ideal for pastries, muffins, pancakes, and flatbreads.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shipping of bulk/wholesale items may take longer than retail products. Please keep this in mind and order well in advance of when you need the product. If you live within a 250-mile radius of Richland, WA, contact to inquire about free/discounted shipping. 

Palouse Heritage Sonoran Gold produces a naturally sweet, nutty-tasting flour and has long been prized for flatbreads, frybreads, biscuits, and pastries.

Culinary historians believe Sonoran Gold™ wheat to be the first cereal grain introduced to North America as it arrived with 16th century Spanish settlers to the New World. This flavorful Mediterranean soft white wheat was widely grown across central Mexico and reached missions along the El Camino Real in present California as early as the 1700s. The following century, Sonoran Gold™ reached the Oregon Country where pioneers named it for the pure color of its nutritious kernels.

Our artisan flours do not bake the same as modern commodity flour. Please refer to our miller's resources page here for tips on how to bake with our ecologically-responsible and nutritious flour.

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