About The COMMONER, the official blog of Palouse Heritage


kom' ∙ mons (13th century Latin) noun:  (1) public space for social and educational endeavors; (2) open lands reserved for agrarian use


The COMMONER is an online forum providing fellowship around ideas and resources to promote human flourishing at local and regional levels and beyond. Articles also discuss sustainable lifeways, traditions, and technologies of indigenous peoples, immigrant groups, and newcomers who reside throughout the Palouse and Pacific Northwest. The COMMONER further serves as a metaphor for the wider exploration of related ideas, area natural history, and global destinations. Selections may be freely shared for non-commercial educational use with proper attribution.

All blog posts fall within one of the following categories:

OVERLOOK:  Perspectives on regional culture, responses to inquiries & updates on Palouse Colony Farm where “Ochs [Oakes] Overlook” has been a popular vista since its founding. 

PLACE & PEOPLE:  About the unique Palouse landscape & its peoples & communities.

SCHOOL & LIBRARY:  Subjects related to agrarian themes in literature, art, music & history.

FOOD & HEALTH:  New & traditional dishes made with nutritious grains, legumes & other ingredients for which the Palouse region is famed.   

MEMORY & STORY:  As our elders would say, “Her kint’s glaawe oder net, awer sie sachen so is ‘s—You can believe it or not, but this is what they say happened.”