Palouse Heritage White Lammas Wheat is the Pacific Northwest’s original cereal grain and was introduced to the region as “White Winter” in the 1820s by Hudson’s Bay Company Governor Sir George Simpson. This soft white variety is descended from an ancient Celtic landrace and was widely raised in the British Isles and northwestern Europe. Simpson served the company from 1820 to 1860 and diversified company enterprises to include production of grains so the far-flung HBC posts not only became self-sufficient but exported grain to Russian Alaska and Hawaii. A single sample of this historic variety found over a century ago in Oregon’s Willamette Valley kept it vital thanks to the foresight of USDA “plant explorers.” The field was just thirty miles from the historic HBC’s frontier grain depot at Champoeg.

This grain is currently undergoing increase trial. We expect the flour to be available for sale in the near future.