Palouse Heritage Grains

The vast rolling Palouse Country of the Inland Pacific Northwest is a scenic land of legendary fertility and family farms that has long been synonymous with the production of high quality grains and other crops. Located in the heart of the hills between the rural communities of Endicott and St. John, Washington, Palouse Colony Farm produces a variety of heritage grains on the same land where in 1889 the owners’ immigrant ancestors established an Old World settlement of commons and open fields. Some of our grains are also raised at nearby Lenwood Farms in Connell, Washington. Connell is located in the area formerly known as “Palouse Junction” for it strategic location on the northern transcontinental rail line that provided markets for Palouse grains throughout the region and worldwide. 

The menu on the left side of this page is a current list of the landrace grains Palouse Heritage is growing. Click on each to learn the fascinating history and details of each variety. You'll notice that each grain has a color theme to honor their remarkable diversity. We are passionate about our grains' variety and their flavorful authenticity! Some of our grains are commercially available now while others are still undergoing increase trials.

Commercially Available Grains

Crimson Turkey™ Wheat

Empire Orange™ Wheat

Purple Egyptian™ Barley

Rosen Rye

Silverhull Buckwheat

Sonoran Gold™ Wheat

Yellow Breton™ Wheat

Grains Undergoing Increase Trial

Eden Gold™ Wheat

Red Walla Walla™ Wheat

Scots Bere™ Barley

Tibetan Brown™ Wheat

White Lammas Wheat


We gratefully acknowledge the valued assistance in our endeavors and for wider national and global efforts to identify and preserve increasingly threatened landrace grains by Stephen Jones, Director, and Steve Lyon, Senior Agronomist, of the Washington State University Research Center & Extension Service in Mt. Vernon, WA.