Agrarian Art Color Galleries

Jean-Francois Millet,  The Gleaners  (1857)

Jean-Francois Millet, The Gleaners (1857)

My latest writing project focuses on agrarian themes in art. It will be titled Hallowed Harvests and is the latest in my "Harvest" series, along with existing titles Harvest Heritage and Harvest Home. As part of my research, I have compiled a collection of images related to agrarian art. I'll be sharing about the significance of some of these works periodically in this blog. 

The images I'll be blogging about are available in these documents here and here. The color gallery images featured in these files generally follow the sequence that I will use as I blog about them.

As a reminder, there are various categories of this Palouse Heritage blog (also known as The COMMONER), listed on the right side of the page. I chose to use these categories to help readers narrow down posts they'd be interested in as they read The COMMONER. Blog entries specifically about these images will be included in the "School & Library" category.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts about what I'm sharing in this or any other posts here. Feel free to leave comments below!