Palouse Heritage is Launching!

Palouse Heritage is excited to announce our official launch! The concept of Palouse Heritage has been in the works for years. Not only have we been compiling years of research efforts related to landrace grains and regional history, but we also have been growing out test plots of the landrace wheat and barley varieties first grown in the Palouse and elsewhere in North America. We started with small samples, but now have enough growing seasons completed to begin providing flour and malt from these crops to artisan bakers and craft malters who value the benefits of landrace grains

We look forward to sharing more with you as we deliver fascinating historical research featuring the Palouse region as well as food products derived from our landrace grains. We are happy to provide our research findings through this blog. Our president and co-founder, Richard, will be the primary author. Learn more about his plans and vision for this blog here. Stay tuned!